Castéra du Baigt-de-Béarn (Miqu)

     Commune            Altitude            Superficie            Type de Enceintes

         Baigt-de-Béarn             166m                   1 Hectare                  Parapet de terre


Carte IGN - 1444 - est - Orthez


Construits au Vème siècle avant notre ère (2500 jc.) par le peuple Tarbellis.


The Tarbellis one of three tribes of the Ligures established there capital at what is now Dax are probably responsible for this 16 hectare bronze age fort which has been modified during medeival times by the addition of a moat that now encircles it entireley. At least 5000 cubic metres of earth has been moved during it's construction which was more than 2500yrs ago, well before the Roman times despite it's local name.