A visit in the night from Yogi Bear

Bivouac Estany d'Airoto - June 2010

Before we reached the boulders though, there was an unexpected challenge awaiting us as we woke up. Klaas looked out of his tent first and yelled over to me that my bag was outside and that there was a hole in my tent. Since Klaas is only serious about 20% of the time, I didn’t take much notice at first, but when I sat up I saw that the side of my tent was ripped open and my bag was indeed missing. Going outside I saw my muesili supply all over the grass and the bread and chorizo wrappers empty. Worse still was that one shoulder strap of my rucksack had been torn through and the hip belt was hanging by a thread.

To begin with we assumed that it was probably a fox, but as we studied the teethmarks on the tent and realised that the animal had moved a bag weighing 10-15kg, we concluded it was probably bigger than a fox, and we’ve since spoken to a refuge guardian who said that the altitude (2400m) was too high for a fox. The bear had thoughtlessly cut the shoulder strap right at the end, so I had to spend 40 minutes sewing it together and reinforcing it with safety pins. The hip belt has always been quite generous, so I’ve just tied a knot in that, again supported by safety pins. The tent has also been sewn and duck-taped together, so the show will go on.


Jon Sedgely.

I asked Jon did he use ear plugs at night due to the noise of thunderstorms his answer is below.


Just noticed your question about ear-plugs – the answer is yes. I was aware of the tent moving, but the rattle of the zips sounded like a sudden gust of wind, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep! With hindsight I think that was probably the safest thing to do, rather than face a bear through the mosi-net window of my inner tent…


Jon Sedgeley slept peacefuly while Yogi Bear firstly stole his rucksack and then helped himself to some breakfast.

Luckily for him Yogi Bear was not disturbed during his feast.


Mark Hale - President Association Aquilegia.





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